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Center for Organizational EffectivenessSetting the standard of excellence

Performance Management

The Center for Organizational Effectiveness assists organizations in the process of assessing, auditing, and developing the talent necessary for the achievement of each organization's goals, in the present and for the future.

The power of effective performance feedback (positive/constructive)  could be the single-most powerful tool that management has to mobilize the energy of every employee toward the achievement of strategic goals. The vehicle most often used by organizations to provde performance feedback is the annual performance review.  This annual performance review has become for most, a dreaded annual exercise that is widely seen as a waste of time.  Yet, organizations continue to invest billions in revamping and revising their annual performance reviews.  While having a good system and adequate forms are important, they should not be the focus of increasing performance management within your organization.

The Center is at the forefront of the latest organizational research on performance management.  Our Team is dedicated to helping organizations integrate performance management best-practices that are grounded science and application.   We assist organizatioins in identifying performance management solutions that align with strategic objectives, yet incoprorate sound theory from the social and behavioral sciences.  We believe there needs to be  a balanced approach to performance management that includes both processes (forms,systems)  with people and culture .  You can have the best system money can buy, but ultimatley it comes down to individuals exchanging feedback on a regular basis.  Our solutions are customized and supported by research.

We will work with your organization to identify opportunities for improvement and problem areas and works to develop a customized solution to suit your situation. The Center provides organizations with a performance appraisal system that allows employee review, performance assessment and performance management to establish documentation for development and align individual and organizational goals. Additionally, our team of senior consultants are equipped to work closely with your employees to ensure this tool is properly administered, analyzed, and interpreted.

 It is time that the performance appraisal becomes a recap two-way discussion on feeback that has happened throughout the year. 

We help organizations create and implement performance management solutions that transform the culture in which they exist.  Our solutions will help guide, direct, assess and develop human performance.

Executive Coaching

Enhance your executives' success in achieving his or her professional objectives within the context of an organization's values and business goals. We use proven methodologies to develop the leadership skills of executives, managers, professionals, and other promising leaders at all levels.

Multi-rater Feedback

A 360 degree, or multi-rater, feedback program is important as part of a performance management system. It provides employees with performance feedback from supervisors, co-workers, peers, customers, and reporting staff. The Center helps organizations implement multi-rater feedback systems by developing and administering customized surveys, assisting organizations in the selection of raters, providing feedback reports to participants, and addressing various communication issues that may arise.

Performance Appraisal

An effective performance appraisal is necessary for the motivation, retention and development of employees in an organization. The Center provides organizations with a performance appraisal system that allows employees and organizations to align their goals, establish documentation for employee development, and make sound employment decisions.

Management Development

Management development contributes to business success. The Center assists organizations in designing and implementing anticipatory, reactive or motivational management development systems and processes. We feature a workshop on giving feedback effectively and setting the stage for open communication.