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Network Diversity Through Two-Step Crystal Engineering of a Decorated 6-Connected Primary Molecular Building Block

Q.-Y. Yang, K.-J. Chen, A. Schoedel, L. Wojtas, J. J. Perry IV, M. J. Zaworotko* CrystEngComm. 2016, 18, 8578-8581.

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Structures of Metal-Organic Frameworks with Rod Secondary Building Units

A. Schoedel, M. Li, D. Li, M. O'Keeffe*, O. M. Yaghi Chem. Rev. 2016, 116, 12466-12535.

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Two Principles of Reticular Chemistry Uncovered in a Metal-Organic Framework of Heterotritopic Linkers and Infinite Secondary Building Units

N. R. Catarineu, A. Schoedel, P. Urban, M. B. Morla, C. A. Trickett, O. M. Yaghi* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138, 10826-10829.

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Two-Dimensional Host-Guest Metal-Organic Framework Sensor with High Selectivity and Sensitivity to Picric Acid

M. Bagheri, M. Y. Masoomi, A. Morsali*, A. Schoedel ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2016, 8, 21472-21479.

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The role of metal-organic frameworks in a carbon-neutral energy cycle

A. Schoedel, Z. Ji, O. M. Yaghi* Nat. Energy 2016, 1, 16034-16046.

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Porosity in Metal-Organic Compounds

A. Schoedel*, O. M. Yaghi* In Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Ed. R. M. Izatt, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2016, 200-219. (invited contribution)

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Reticular Chemistry of Metal-Organic Frameworks Composed of Copper and Zinc Metal-Oxide Secondary Building Units as Nodes

A. Schoedel*, O. M. Yaghi* In The Chemistry of Metal-Organic Frameworks, Ed. S. Kaskel, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2016, Vol. 2, 41-72. (invited contribution)

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4,6-Connected fsb Topology Networks Obtained Through Two-Step Crystal Engineering of Decorated Trigonal Prismatic Nodes

A. Schoedel, M. Jaquier, W. Boyette, L. Wojtas, M. Eddaoudi, M. J. Zaworotko* Cryst. Growth Des. 2014, 14, 2115-2117.

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[M33-O)(O2CR)6] and Related Trigonal Prisms: Versatile Molecular Building Blocks for Crystal Engineering of Metal‐Organic Material Platforms

A. Schoedel, M. J. Zaworotko* Chem. Sci. 2014, 5, 1269-1282.

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A Family of Porous Lonsdaleite-e (lon-e) Networks Obtained through Pillaring of Decorated Kagomé Lattice Sheets

A. Schoedel, W. Boyette, L. Wojtas, M. Eddaoudi, M. J. Zaworotko* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2013, 135, 14016-14019.

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The asc Trinodal Platform: Two-Step Assembly of Triangular, Tetrahedral, and Trigonal-Prismatic Molecular Building Blocks

A. Schoedel, A. J. Cairns, Y. Belmabkhout, L. Wojtas, M. Mohamed, Z. Zhang, D. M. Proserpio, M. Eddaoudi, M. J. Zaworotko* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, 52, 2902-2905.

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Network Diversity through Decoration of Trigonal Prismatic Nodes: Two-Step Crystal Engineering of Cationic Metal-Organic Materials

A. Schoedel, L. Wojtas, S. P. Kelley, R. D. Rogers, M. Eddaoudi, M. J. Zaworotko* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 11421-11424. (Hot Paper, most accessed article in Nov. 2011

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Oriented Nanoscale Films of Metal-organic Frameworks via Room Temperature Gel-Layer Synthesis

A. Schoedel, C. Scherb, T. Bein* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49, 7225-7228. 

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Directing the structure of metal-organic frameworks by oriented surface growth on an organic monolayer

C. Scherb, A. Schoedel, T. Bein* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 5777-5779.

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