Relationship and Interaction Optimization in Teams

RIOT Lab Members

Jessica L. Wildman, Ph.D., director of the RIOT Lab, is an Associate Professor in the Industrial  Organizational Psychology program at Florida Tech, the research director for the Institute for Cross Cultural Management, and the Vice President, Conference Coordinator for the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research. Dr. Wildman has over a decade of experience in the practice and science of interpersonal trust dynamics, multicultural/global work issues, and teams in the workplace. Dr. Wildman and her students have conducted organizational research for clients including the Office of Naval Research, NASA, and large multinational companies, and she uses these experiences as engaging examples in her interactive, discussion-based classes. Dr. Wildman was also recently awarded an early career grant from the Army Research Institute to examine the development, violation, and repair of interpersonal trust across cultures. Dr. Wildman and the RIOT lab have showcased their research through more than 60 conference presentations, 18 book chapters, and 12 journal articles.
  Sherif al-Qallawi is passionate about different ways of developing employees and organizations. That's what encouraged him to make a career change into the Human Resources field after earning a bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Alexandria University, Egypt in 2011. He has more than six years of experience working at diverse industries and organizations including founding a start-up company, working at Pharmaceuticals, and joining the United Nations. Sherif has earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management in 2013, and he is now a second-year master's student in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program at Florida Tech as a Fulbright scholar. His research interests include person-environment fit, cross-cultural management, and organization development and change. Sherif is a team member of the ARI project. He is also the Operations Manager of The Center for Organizational Effectiveness, the Director of Corporate Relations of the South Brevard Society for Human Resource Management Student Chapter, and an Analyst at the Institute for Cross Cultural Management.

Jesse Caylor is a third-year doctoral student in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at the Florida Institute of Technology. He received his BA in Psychology from Park University in 2012 and his MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Florida Tech in 2018. As a member of RIOT Lab, he has predominately helped run the longitudinal team study. Additionally, he presented the summarized results of the lab at the 2016 DEOMI Collaborative Series. His research interests include diversity and stigmatized identity management within work teams. Outside of RIOT Lab, Jesse helps implement a university-wide training program for the development of cross-cultural competence. After completion of his degree, he plans to pursue a career in international consulting or applied research.


Ngoc (Lee) Duong is a second-year Master's student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Florida Institute of Technology. He received his Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Psychology from Drexel University in June of 2016. Lee joined RIOT lab in the Fall of 2017. He is currently the lead for the Longitudinal Project Team Study and is also actively involved with the Artemis Lab Team Study. His current research interests include team adaptation, membership change, multiteam systems, identity-based motivation, and LGBT issues in teams. Outside of his academic interests, Lee enjoys traveling, photography, and cooking. 

  Trevor Fry is a doctoral candidate in the Industrial Organizational Psychology program and active member of the RIOT lab. His concentration areas are team effectiveness and organizational leadership. He is primarily involved in the ARI Trust Across Cultures project and Artemis team experiments. His thesis, Leading Each Other and Sticking Together: A Longitudinal Investigation of Shared Leadership and Team Viability, was drawn from the ongoing longitudinal team study involving student engineering and psychology project teams. Trevor's dissertation will focus on individuals' affective, cognitive, and behavioral responses to experiencing a trust violation in a collaborative context. Additionally, he has taught statistics to graduate and undergraduate students, and supported a contract with the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) conducting a cognitive task analysis on Naval multiteam systems. Prior to attending Florida Tech, Trevor received his MS in Experimental Psychology from Eastern Washington University. After graduating he plans to pursue a career in consulting and applied research.

Emily Frye is a first-year doctoral student in the Industrial Organizational Psychology program at Florida Institute of Technology.  She earned her B.S. in Management with minors in Psychology and Actuarial Science from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in 2018.  Emily recently joined RIOT Lab in the fall of 2018 and is actively involved with the Artemis Lab Team Study.  


Kayla Hoelzel earned her B.A. from Flagler College in Psychology and recently earned her Master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology in 2018 from the Florida Institute of Technology. Kayla joined RIOT Lab in 2017 and has been actively contributing to the longitudinal team study while pursuing her PhD. Her primary research interests are in leadership emergence and how culture influences leadership.


Lavanya S. Kumar is a first-year Master’s student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Florida Institute of Psychology. After completing a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, she worked for over 6 years in Structural Engineering before she decided to switch gears and pursue I-O due to her passion towards facilitating worker well-being and organizational effectiveness. Within RIOT Lab, she is involved in the ARI Trust across Cultures Project and Artemis Lab Team Study and her interests include teams, leadership, and cross-cultural issues. Following graduation, she plans to pursue an applied career in consulting with particular interests in providing data-driven solutions/insights, problem solving, and product development.


Daniel Nguyen, an incoming first year doctoral student, recently earned his B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration from Texas A&M University in 2017. After graduating, he remained in College Station for a year to work as a research lab manager under Dr. Isaac Sabat. During this time, he researched diversity & inclusion issues such as diversity in teams, workplace diversity climate, intersectionality theory, atheism (lead author), and the effects of voice vs. appearance incongruity. The latter two studies were presented at the annual SIOP 2018 conference, with Daniel presenting his findings on atheism in the workplace in a diversity poster session, and the incongruity study receiving the "Best International Paper Award". With his research interests broadly lying in the domain of workplace teams and team processes, Daniel is now eagerly joining the RIOT lab in Fall 2018.


Kyi Phyu Nyein is a doctoral candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology. She earned her B.Sc. in Psychology from Davidson College in 2013 and her M.A. in Organizational Sciences with Human Resources Management concentration from George Washington University in 2015. Her current research interests include groups and teams, interpersonal trust development, violation, and repair, and women's leadership. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in applied research or consulting. 


Allyson Pagan earned her Master’s degree at Florida Institute of Technology in 2016 and is currently a 5th Year doctoral candidate. While pursuing her education, she has worked as a research intern for the Office of Naval Research and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI). In addition, she has worked as a teaching assistant and lab instructor for undergraduate research methods and statistics classes. As a member of RIOT Lab since 2014, Allyson has contributed to studies on teams, trust, leadership, and group diversity. Allyson is also a part of the team examining the development, violation, and repair of interpersonal trust across cultures, funded by a grant from the Army Research Institute. Allyson has co-authored 3 (in-progress) publications, 5 conference presentations and posters, and 2 book chapters with her RIOT teammates. Her research interests include teams in the workplace, leadership, and diversity & inclusion. 


Lexi Redmond is a first year Master's student at Florida Institute of Technology. She received her B.S. degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Her research interests include racial and ethnic diversity and its impact on team processes and leadership. She recently joined RIOT Lab and is working on the ARI Trust across Cultures study and the Artemis Lab Team study.  


Michael Sawdy is a second-year doctoral student at the Florida Institute of Technology. He received his bachelor degree in Psychology from University of Wisconsin River Falls in 2016. His research interests include teams in workplaces, personality variance and team performance, and the impact of culture on team cohesion. He recently joined RIOT lab and will be working mainly on the longitudinal study and ARI project. He received the Distinguished Graduate Academic Achievement Award from the Psychology department at the University of Wisconsin River Falls and he has presented research at 2 conferences and has 1 publication.


Jacklyn Scymcyk is a first year Master's student who earned her BA in Psychology with a Research Concentration and a minor in Anthropology at the University of Connecticut. As a RIOT lab member she is involved in several studies and sub-teams. Her current research interest are in teams, cross-cultural teams, and employee well-being.