RIOT LabRelationship and Interaction Optimization in Teams

What We Do

RIOT Lab does research to improve work team performance in a variety of organizational settings. We like to “practice what we preach” and follow a philosophy of shared team leadership. All graduate student team members are empowered to take ownership over projects and activities that align with their interests, and to support each other as researchers and individuals.

We provide impact-oriented insights to a variety of diverse teams with unique challenges and needs:


  • ARMY RESEARCH INSTITUTE—$200,000 grant to investigate how culture impacts the development, violation and repair of trust

  • NAVY—$400,000 grant to study and improve multi-team coordination in order to build fleet readiness


  • Dr. Wildman chaired the 2014 and 2016 Cross Cultural Management Summits, multiday conferences which united practitioners and academics to improve the science and practice of cross cultural management.

  • Dr. Wildman has consulted for large multinational organizations on issues such as trust within work teams and high reliability business practices.

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