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Building BlocksParent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

About Us

Is PCIT right for my family?

  • Is Your Child having behavior problems at home, school, or daycare?
  • Do you spend a lot time arguing with your child?
  • Does your child throw temper tantrums or refuse to obey commands?
  • Do you find yourself yelling at your child or losing your temper?
  • Are you spending a lot of time disciplining your Child?
  • Is your child between the ages of 3 and 7?
  • Does your child demonstrate delayed verbal abilities?
  • Is your child shy, withdrawn, have low self-esteem?
  • Does your child have difficulty attending?

If so, you are not alone! Behavior problems among children are fairly common. There is a solution! These problems can be effectively treated if they are addressed early. PCIT has been scientifically proven to sucessfully treat these behavior problems.

Building Blocks is a research clinic at Florida Tech. We work with young children and their parents to create stronger, more positive family relationships through PCIT. We help parents feel more confident in handling everyday problems that occur with parenting. This fosters children behaving in more positive ways, while building a more warm, nurturing relationship between the child and their caregiver.

For more information on the research and behavioral measures base supporting PCIT and the ways we help you learn how to improve your child’s behavior, go to the research page on the website of PCIT International.

PCIT was first developed by Shelia Eyberg, Ph.D. at the University of Florida, Gainsville.

PCIT is a "well supported and efficious" treatment for child abuse. ~ U.S. Department of Justice - Office for Victims of Crimes

(Chaffin, Silovsky, Funderburk et. al., 2004; Nixon, Sweeney, Erikson, & Touyz, 2003; Schuhmann, Foote, Eberg, Boggs, & Algina, 1998)

How Much Does it Cost?

Charges are based on a sliding fee determined using a family’s individual circumstances such as family size and income. If you require further information please call (321) 674-7108.

Building Blocks accepts referrals from:

  • schools
  • physicians
  • parents
  • teachers
  • daycare providers
  • foster care/adoption agencies
  • DCF
  • Family court