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Neotropical Paleoecology Research Group


Majoi De Novaes Nascimento

PhD candidate


Majoi de Novaes Nascimento

Research Project: Amazon Paleoecology

I got my Bachelors in Biological sciences and education from Universidade Guarulhos, SP, Brazil in 2006. In 2012 I completed my master's degree at Sao Paulo Botanical Institute, using water chemistry and diatom ecology to identify sources of organic pollution in a water supply system in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Florida Institute of Technology and my research focuses on South American ecology and the vegetation responses to paleoclimate changes. I am trying to understand what the role of Atlantic versus Pacific influences was on the hydrological patterns of tropical South America during the last 12 thousand years, and how they affected the vegetation at different elevations. Another question addressed by my research is how agropastoralism affected the landscape. I use pollen, diatoms, geochemsty and charcoal to understand the changes of the landscape in response to climatic and anthropic forcings. I use pollen to detect changes in vegetation, diatoms and geochemistry to detect hydrological changes, and charcoal to detect fire and human landuse. My study takes place in the Amazon basin and Andean Altiplano and includes the lakes Pata in the Brazilian lowlands, Lake Llaviucu in the Ecuatorian middle elevation forest, and Lake Miski y in the Peruvian altiplano. 


Zorzal-Almeida S., Salim A., Andrade M. R. M., NASCIMENTO, M., Bini, L. M., Bicudo, D. C., Effects of land use and spatial processes in water and surface sediment of tropical reservoirs at local and regional scales. 2018. Science of The Total Environment.

NASCIMENTO M. N., Laurenzi, A. G., Valencia, B. G, Van, R. and Bush, M. B. A 12,700-year history of limnological change from an Andean microrefugium. 2018. The Holocene

NASCIMENTO, M. N. & Bicudo, D. C. Response of the phytoplanktonic diatoms to seasonality in the largest water supply reservoir in Brazil. In prep.

NASCIMENTO, M. N. Bush, M. B. Resilience of an Amazonian pristine forest during the Late Holocene. In Prep.


AQUATROP, Quito, Ecuador. 2018. Oral presentation: A 12,700-year history of limnological change from an Andean microrefugium.

Florida Academy of Sciences, Lakeland, FL. 2017. Poster: Vegetation changes in Amazonia over the last 8000 years.

Ecological Society of America, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 2016. Poster: Resilience of an Amazonian pristine forest during the Late Holocene.

Florida Academy of Sciences, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 2016. Poster: Identification of microrefugia during the Mid-Holocene Dry Event in the Altiplano, Peru.

Associação Brasileira de Limnologia, Natal, RG. 2011. Oral presentation: Limnologia e biogeoquímica de sedimentos superficiais dos Reservatórios Jaguari e Jacareí (SP) com ênfase nas diatomáceas. 


National Geographic Society/Waitt Grants program, M. Nascimento. “Ecological expedition of Hill of Six Lakes." 2015. $14K.

Florida Institute of Technology Graduate Research Assistantship (PhD).

Fundação de Amparo â Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo Graduate Research Fellowship (ms) nº 2009/11731-0.


Portuguese – native;

English – fluent;

Spanish – intermediate

Majoi de Novaes Nascimento