Olson Research Group

Olson Research Group

Sub–Molecular Tunneling Spectroscopy


(in roughly reverse chronological order)

Olson Research Group Fall 2018

The Olson Group, Fall 2016 (left-to-right: Joel A. Olson (advisor), Megan Sterling (doctoral graduate student), Karlyn Sequiera (undergraduate), Shivagee Govind (masters graduate student, M.S. May 2017), Xixuan Guo (doctoral graduate student), Franklin Thornburgh (undergraduate, B.S. May 2018), Elizabeth Stewart (undergraduate, B.S. May 2018).


2016 High School Researchers

High school students working in Dr. Olson's lab, Summer 2016 (Left-to-right: Hari Dandapani, Danielle Farinella, Nikitha Balaji, Nidhi Chary, and Joel Olson).


Dr. Olson's presentation at FAME 2016

Dr. Olson's presentation at FAME 2016.


Xixuan Guo's presentation at FAME 2016

Graduate Student Xixuan Guo's presentation at FAME 2016.


Elizabeth Stewart giving her poster at FAME 2016

Undergraduate Student Elizabeth Stewart's poster at FAME 2016.


Olson Group Fall 2015

The Olson Group, Fall 2015 (left-to-right: Elizabeth Stewart (undergraduate), Nathan Price (undergraduate, B.S. May 2016), Joel A. Olson (Advisor), Zhuo Li (graduate student, M.S. May 2016), Shivagee Govind (masters graduate student), Xixuan Guo (doctoral graduate student).


Guo Poster 2014 FLAVS

Graduate Student Xixuan Guo's Poster at the Florida American Vacuum Society (FLAVS) Meeting, March 2014.


Teresa Esposito and Joel Olson

Teresa Esposito (left; B.S. Physics 2013, currently Ph.D. student at Rensslear Polytechnic Institute), and Dr. Olson (right).


Krishnan Graduation

Newly minted Dr. Krishnan Sriraman (Ph.D. Chemistry, 2013) with Dr. Olson standing in front of the STM on which Dr. Sriraman performed the majority of his dissertation work.


Olson Group Fall 2012

The Olson Group, Fall 2012 (left-to-right: Teresa Esposito (B.S. Physics, 2013), Dr. Olson, Xixuan Guo (Ph.D. Student), Krishnan Sriraman (Ph.D. Chemistry, 2013), Ryan McClay (B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2013), Calvin Olson (High School Student), Flaminia Marrucci (B.S. Chemistry, 2014)).


Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell (B.S. Chemistry, 2013)


Sriraman Poster AVS 2012

Krishnan Sriraman (Ph.D. Chemistry, 2013) with his poster at the 2012 meeting of the American Vacuum Society.