Olson Research Group

Olson Research Group

Sub–Molecular Tunneling Spectroscopy


To Date: Total external grants and contracts totaling $934,235.

2011-2016 The National Science Foundation, Chemical Structure, Dynamics, and Mechanisms grant (1058427) “Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Barrier Height Spectroscopy as a Tool for Sub-Molecular Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Analysis”, Principal Investigator, $390,000.

2013-2014 Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, (user project) “Barrier Height Mapping of Molecular Electron States for QSAR Analysis”, Principal Investigator, unfunded collaboration.

2009-2012 The National Science Foundation, Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) grant (0939355) “Creating a Hands-On Nanoscience and Technology Minor”, co-Principal Investigator, $199,971.

2004-2008 MAA Research Taskforce, “Investigations of Extraction of Monosodium Methane Arsonate from Environmental Soils”, contract grant, Principal Investigator, $28,500.

2005, Florida Tech. ACITC minigrant, Principal Investigator, $2,500.

2004-2005, Florida Solar Energy Center, “Surface Photovoltage Mapping of Cadmium Sulfide and Cadmium Selenide”, Principal Investigator, $18,000.

2003-2005, The National Science Foundation, Nanotechnology Exploratory Research (NER) grant (ECS-0404248), “A Novel Biomimetic Molecular Photosensor: Fabrication of a Functional Nanodevice”, Principal Investigator, $100,000.

2003-2004, Florida Solar Energy Center, “A Novel Biomimetic Molecular Photosensor”, Principal Investigator, $25,000.

2002-2003, Florida Solar Energy Center, “Construction of an Ultra-High Vacuum STM”, co-Principal Investigator, $30,000.

Dr. Olson has also provided consulting services in chemical and materials analysis.  These activities are arranged via Florida Tech Consulting.  Clients have included several technology companies, aircraft manufacturers, an even a police department.  To-date, $124,264.