National Center For Hydrogen Research

National Center For Hydrogen Research

The National Center for Hydrogen Research

Hydrogen: The renewable fuel source

Hydrogen, found in plentiful supply in the Earth and water systems and in other compounds is potentially the ultimate renewable energy source for humankind. The applications for hydrogen as a fuel are numerous ranging from laptop computers to transportation to entire communities. Through a variety of benign processes, hydrogen can be obtained from water or other compounds then stored for multiple applications. As an abundant replacement energy source, it will enable the United States to eliminate national concerns associated with importing oil.

Our Mission

  • To actively promote the fullest use of hydrogen as a clean renewable energy source by providing an environment for learning research and technology transfer.
  • To investigate methods and techniques for increasing energy efficiency.

Our Vision

The Florida Institute of Technology National Center for Hydrogen Research is conducting research and development to enable the appropriate selection and use of hydrogen as a viable energy source. This includes developing and implementing relevant curricula, performing energy related research, and providing facilities for the development and testing of energy-related materials.