Cross Cultural Management Summit - Going Beyond Global

MAR. 22–24, 2018


Our goal at ICCM is to leverage organizational science to develop practical and intuitive solutions for organizations facing global challenges. The 2018 Cross Cultural Management Summit supports that goal by bringing together experts from academia, government, military, and the corporate world to discuss the cultural challenges facing global organizations, learn from each other, and work together to create real-world solutions. Global professionals will connect with and learn from top thought leaders in the field, and organizational scholars will have the opportunity to network with international executives to identify the global management issues that are most important to their organizations.

The theme of the 2018 Summit is Going Beyond Global. The challenges facing modern organizations are so large and complex that they often require working closely with a variety of stakeholders across technical, social, and cultural borders. Often the focus of modern organizations is solving technical challenges. However, the leaders of these organizations must also develop effective people strategies to successfully bridge borders to attain mission success.

 When you join us at the Summit, you will learn and gain insights from our three topic tracks:

1. Culture And Innovation: The Balance between Technology and Humanity

2. Culture And Problem Solving: The Balance between Risk and Reward

3. Culture And Well-Being: The Balance between Work and Life

Over a fun and fast-paced filled two days, you'll get to hear from experts, participate in lively discussions and debates, and apply your knowledge during active problem-solving sessions. The 2018 Cross Cultural Management Summit will be a great opportunity to learn, to do, and to network... all while enjoying the warm Florida sunshine!

Target Audience

Absolutely all parties interested in learning and sharing their cross cultural management experiences are cordially invited to attend the summit! Diverse backgrounds and interdisciplinary perspectives are encouraged. We believe the event will be of particular interest and benefit for the following groups:

  • Global executives and leaders
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Diversity and inclusion professionals
  • Military and government researchers
  • Academic experts
  • Students


  • Thought leader presentations
  • Interactive problem solving exercises
  • Network with global professionals
  • Cross cultural management workshops

The 2018 Summit will be filled with insightful presentations by thought leaders, interactive discussions, and one-on-one networking opportunities that combine to create a productive and fun learning environment.

However, the best learning is through experience, which is why we have partnered with the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute (BASI) for the capstone exercises. During this exercise, representatives from the BASI will present a set of cultural challenges they face when completing their mission – Establishing and sustaining a permanent human presence on Mars. Through expert-facilitated discussion participants will work with their peers at their tables to brainstorm, discuss challenges, identify questions to be answered and develop a set of recommendations. These solutions will be presented to BASI, which will help inform their research agenda to support a permanent colony on Mars. We believe this exercise will be an excellent way to use the new knowledge and the energy in the room to support a mission that really goes beyond global.

Buzz Aldrin Space Institute


  • Access to top thought leaders
  • Identify solutions for human capital challenges
  • Learn best practices in cross cultural management
  • Grow your professional network


"The Cross Cultural Management Summit provided a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and learn from thought leaders in industry and academe. The environment of the Summit gave participants and presenters an opportunity to interact around a shared passion for the human talent challenges of global work."

- Paula Caligiuri, Author, Cultural Agility: Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals

“The Summit provided a unique opportunity to really gain perspective, and to work with a wide range of globalization professionals.”

- Scott Erker, Senior Vice President of DDI’s Selection Solutions

The Summit elevated the current thinking about cross cultural competence, bringing together the best minds from business, military, and academic sectors.”

- Sharon Glazer, Ph.D. Chair of Applied Behavioral Sciences, University of Baltimore

“I walked away understanding that cross cultural competence will be vital for companies seeking a competitive edge in the global economy.”

- Richard Roberts, Vice President, Center for Innovative Assessments