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Measuring and developing talent and human capital capabilities has become the most important aspect of business. Without talent in the right places systems break down, quality breaks down, and customers leave. Are you measuring your employee’s cultural competence or the ability of your leaders to influence your stakeholders abroad?  If not, you may have a weak link in your international operations and organizational effectiveness.  ICCM offers assessment in critical interpersonal and business competencies that can inform your staffing decisions and fill your leadership talent pipeline. Contact us at to discuss how we may help you manage your personnel staffing and leadership development challenges.








Do your leaders have the critical competencies necessary to lead a multicultural team? Have they acquired the essential skills to lead global initiatives? If you don’t have good answers to those questions you may be positioning one of your potential leaders for a derailment experience. Whether as an expatriate, or leader of a global virtual team, the skills necessary to lead in an international context are different than those of domestic leaders. While there is some overlap between domestic and global leadership, it is risky to assume that success domestically will translate to international leadership success. The GL 360 is a multi-rater assessment system that measures eight critical global leadership competencies. The data provided by this assessment can be used to identify candidates likely to succeed in a global leadership role, and to identify developmental gaps in high potentials who may lead global teams in the future.

  • Make informed decisions regarding global leadership staffing and development
  • Identify global high-potentials and get them in the talent pipeline earlier
  • Provide feedback and personal insight to your leaders and improve organizational effectiveness
  • Sustainable growth in domestic and international markets
  • Reduced costs associated with overseas derailment of leaders
  • Reduced risk to your brand and budget
  • 48 item multi-rater assessment tool
  • Can be completed by supervisors, peers, subordinates and customers in 25 minutes
  • Automated reports are provided to both the organization point of contact and the leader being assessed

Cross Cultural Competence Navigator (3CN)

On the road to cultural competence it helps to know where you stand, and where you want to go. Before your company invests time and money placing a new employee on an international team, shouldn’t you examine their fit with the demands of global business? Will this new employee meet your business objectives when working with employees and customers from different cultures? The 3CN is a 36 item self-report inventory that assesses six key success factors. The 3CN augments existing selection practices and provides metrics for managers to compare candidates on their cross-cultural competence. In addition, the 3CN insight report can be used to identify competency gaps that can be targeted for development. Used together, Navigator reports will strengthen the capabilities of your global talent pipeline, and move you towards the goal of a global ready workforce.

  • Make informed decisions regarding employee staffing and development
  • Identify candidates that will contribute to your global business growth
  • Broaden your assessment beyond technical competencies and assess interpersonal factors that predict international business success
  • Reduced costs and time related to cultural misunderstandings
  • Improved workforce effectiveness in international markets
  • Reduced risk to your brand and improved customer satisfaction
  • 36 item self-report inventory
  • Can be completed by candidates in 15 minutes or less





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Our growing e-learning library provides real-world guidance on a variety of subjects at the tips of your fingers. Module-based topics allow you to learn at your own pace and schedule while providing rigorously researched best practices and skills. All modules emphasize improving effectiveness in cross-cultural environments. Highlighted topics include training on negotiating skills across cultures and communication skills for global virtual teams.

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Effective global strategy and operations start at the top of the organizational chart. ICCM provides targeted analysis of your company’s strategy and objectives to make sure the goals and implementation plan make sense in the cultural context you wish you operate. In addition, our coaches will partner with your executives to make sure they have the necessary skills to effectively translate your strategy into smooth operations.

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. We provide robust, research-based global assessments and selection strategies that will allow your company to make informed staffing decisions. Our targeted assessments provide you the tools to select and develop culturally competent employees and leaders. Let us work with your management team today to reduce your risk and ensure your selection decisions are calibrated to your global objectives.

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