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Need GPHR re-certification credits? Browse our Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) approved out-of-the-box solutions to common international HR challenges. PHR and SPHR professionals can also search our growing e-learning library to find real-world guidance on a variety of subjects that focus on maintaining or improving effectiveness in cross-cultural environments. Training modules focus on establishing credibility in your new global team and communication skills for global virtual teams. These module-based trainings allow you to learn research-based, relevant best your own pace. 

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Global Team Leadership

Leading global teams is a key skill for Senior International HR practitioners. This course is designed to ensure adequate planning and preparation has taken place prior to the formation of an International team to ensure its future success. The module will introduce a calibration tool against which to assess yourself, models of excellence, key concepts that affect decision-making and practical case studies to demonstrate the importance of understanding and embracing cultural differences.

Senior HR Professionals

90 mins

1.5 HR General Credits

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Cross-Cultural Influence Tactics: An Introduction for HR Managers

This module introduces influence tactics and how to use them effectively in different cultures. The course is directed toward HR Professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of the use of influence tactics in their own, and other cultures. Topics discussed in this course include the effective use of influence tactics, direction of influence, and the importance of taking an individual approach when using influence tactics. The course then presents common cultural dimensions and how to best use them as a framework for utilizing influence tactics.                                              

HR Professionals

90 mins

1.5 HR General Credits

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Communication Skills for Managers of Global Virtual Teams

This course addresses global virtual teams (GVTs) and how managers can communicate effectively when leading GVTs. The complex nature of GVTs present challenges for international managers, including distance, ambiguity, and culture. The course is directed towards HR Professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of communication and management skills when managing teams virtually.

HR Professionals

90 mins

1.5 HR General Credits

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ICCM 1005

Navigating Cultural Differences

Participants understand how culture influences professional practices by applying a proven framework and process for understanding, assessing, and reconciling cultural differences. Cases and applied examples are used.      

ICCM 1006

Culture, Change and Development


Change initiatives are looked at as cultural designs and learners discuss common challenges facing both local and global leaders. Issues include cultural dilemmas in change projects, opposing stakeholder values, overcoming resistance to change initiatives, and measuring organizational change.      

ICCM 1007

Managing, Measuring and Changing Organizational Culture


Different models and methods for understanding, measuring, and managing organizational culture provide background for course participants. Cultural dilemmas are used to assess and ultimately change organizational culture.      

ICCM 1008

Leading Teams and Collaboration

Participants will learn about teams and collaboration and their importance in the global community. Cases from global settings will be used to illustrate models and methods for creative problem solving and decision-making appropriate for teams and collaboration.      

ICCM 1009

Reconciling Cultural Diversity

Participants work with common socio-cultural encounters, such as meetings, negotiations, teams, decision-making, and performance management. Cultural competency skills are enhanced through self- assessment, analysis, executive coaching and reconciliation.