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High Resolution Microscopy

& Advanced Imaging

EDAX Operating Instructions

Using EDAX

On SEM side:

  1. Make sure you are 8 or 9 mm from your sample, any farther and you won’t get any read-out.
  2. Change aperture on column to 3.
  3. Make sure your focus on the SEM is where you want it.
  4. Change your KeV from 10K to 15K
  5. Change the Spot Size from 30 to at least 55 if not higher.
  6. Turn off the IR Camera as the x-ray won’t work with it on.

(Note: to switch the SEM to take directions from external software you will need to turn the ext scan off and on.  To do this you need to click Setup located across the top.  Under Setup you will need to click on Setup Ext Scan.  This will give you a little popup box which will allow you to turn external scan off and on.)

On the EDX side:

  1. Double click on EDAX Genesis
  2. Click on the Image Tab across the top.
  3. Click on the eraser, labeled “2”on the screen shot below. Then click on the stopwatch labeled “1” on the screen shot.
  4. Across the bottom which is labeled “3” there is the CPS (counts per second) and DT% (percent down-time).  The Percent downtime must be between 20 & 40.  If it is too low, you will need to change the spotsize higher until the down-time is in the desired area.
  5. Once this is correct click on the stopwatch “1” and then the eraser “2”.
  6. Click on Collect Image and the image should show up in the image window.  If it doesn’t you need to switch to Ext Scan as explained above in the Note.
  7. Once your image is collected you can now click on the stopwatch “1” and start collecting your spectrum.  It is best to let this collect for 60 seconds or better to get the proper ranges.
  8. Click on the stopwatch “1” to stop the collection.
  9. Click on Peak ID “5”.
  10. You can change the viewing of the spectrum by using the buttons to the right of the eraser “2”.
  11. Once everything is set to the way you want it, click on the W “6” to put it in a word document.
  12. Save the file somewhere you can find it because you will have to open the internet and go into web-mail and send yourself the word file.

Repeat as necessary to get the number of reading you would like.

  • When finished, return the SEM to 10kV and 30 spotsize.
  • Put the Aperture back to 2.
  • Close out the software as normal.