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Family Learning Program (FLP)

Family Therapy

At the Family Learning Program, we believe that sexual abuse affects the whole family, not just the victim. Parents often experience negative emotions regarding the abuse, and may be dealing with behavioral concerns with their children as well. Siblings may be experiencing a variety of emotions, from jealousy at the attention their sibling may be receiving, to anger or sadness concerning the loss of a loved family member. The entire family may be struggling financially, or may be having difficulty communicating with one another. For this reason, when we notice that a family in our program is particularly negatively affected as a result of the sexual abuse that has occurred in their lives, we may offer family therapy as part of our services, at no additional charge.

Families engaging in family therapy at FLP have focused on some of the following concerns:

  • Communication between family members
  • Setting boundaries in the home
  • Conflict resolution
  • Family systems and dynamics