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Family Learning Program (FLP)

Teams & Therapists

Our therapists have come from all over the U.S. and even from other countries to study in this unique training program. They often have had experience with the issues of child abuse and neglect even before coming to Florida Tech.

Providing therapy and evaluation for these families requires specialized training. Our therapists are all working toward a doctoral degree in the Clinical Psy.D. program at Florida Tech, and most have master's degrees. They have had special training in dealing with issues of sexual abuse and/or dependency evaluations. They are sensitive to the needs of each child victim and family members impacted by child abuse and neglect.  

Dependency Evaluation Team (DET), Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP), and Integrated Child and Family Trauma Program (ICFTP)

Director: Family Learning Program - Dependency Evaluation Team, Sexual Abuse Treatment Program and Integrated Child and Family Trauma Program
Dr. Mari B. Bennett, Licensed Psychologist

FLP Dependency Evaluation Team

Staff Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor: Dr. Mari B. Bennett, Licensed Psychologist

Student Clinician: Natalie Hicks

Student Clinician: Emily DePetro

Data Records Specialist: Michael LeDuc

FLP Sexual Abuse Treatment Program

FLP Administration

Director and Clinical Superviser: Dr. Mari B. Bennett, Licensed Psychologist

Team Leader: Cayleigh Reeder

Training Coordinator: Courtney Kalmanson

Research Team Lead, QA and ARL Database Coordinator: Audryn Andreoli

Outreach, Community Relations and Donations:  Erika Pobee-Mensah and Katie Glauner

Termination Checkers: Cayleigh Reeder

Secretary and Recruiter: Katie Connor

Fun Chairs:  Morgan Davies and Marian Amundsen

FLP SATP therapists

Non-Offending Caregiver (NOC) therapists: Morgan Davies and Roslyn Burnett

Teen therapists: Courtney Kalmanson

Pre-Teen therapists: Katie Glauner

Sibling therapists: Erika Pobee-Mensah

Young Child therapists (6-9 years): Audryn Andreoli

Young Child therapists (3-5 years): Katie Connor and Ashleigh Schenck

FLP Graduate Volunteers

  • Alyssa Barsky
  • John Rucker
  • Sarah Sebban

Data Records Specialist

  • Michael LeDuc

Safety Planning

Safety planning is such an important part of the Family Learning Program that we have one clinician dedicated entirely to ensuring each family has a thorough and updated safety plan to implement in their home. Safety plans include ways of behaving at home which can help to prevent revictimization.