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Florida Center for Automotive ResearchFCAR

CFD Simulations

Specializing in customized Computational Fluid Dynamic computer simulations, FCAR has access to several high-performance Linux computers, an array of dedicated SGI machines, as well as the Blueshark Super Computer located at Florida Tech. The Blueshark cluster at Florida Tech is a IBM iDataplex system, comprised of 48 compute nodes (Total of 576 processor cores and 1,152GB RAM) and 1 head node. For more information about the High Performance Computing, click here

The Blueshark Cluster was funded by the National Science Foundation major Research Implementation grant (National Science Foundation Grant No. CNS 09-23050).

The KIVA Computational Fluid Dynamics code developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory is a research-grade code specialized for the modelling and analysis of internal combustion engines and is widely accepted as one of the gold-standard codes for research in the automotive and propulsion industry. Having made major contributions to the development of the KIVA code, Dr. Micklow is an expert in both its practical implementation and its adaption to specialized projects. Utilization of a research-grade code allows FCAR to implement unique adaptations to the code in order to tailor the computational simulations to each individual project to a degree that lies outside the capabilities of commercially available software packages. Years of research and experimentation have led to various unique validated and published improvements, such as improved spray and combustion models, unique to the code utilized by FCAR.