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Drag Car


The drag car is designed to be used as a reliable test bed for different engine modifications  and future upgrades. This year's team will be installing a data acquisition system as well as some minor engine modifications that will make the car a strong performer at the drag strip, and provide crucial information about the car's status. Exhaust gas temperatures,  Air Fuel  Ratios, Coolant temperature, Oil temperature and pressure, and acceleration will all be monitored


The engine is the main priority in most drag cars when it comes to achieving a fast quarter mile time. The team compared the stock motor with the stock differential to achieve the power vs rpm to calculate the approximate quarter mile times.   Seat mount design object is to assure the maximum safety of driver while driving the car on the track in case of any accidents. Our design is lower the height from 2.21in to 1in.That means people of different sizes can fit in this seat.and more comfortable. The total length of the aftermarket steering column is 47 inches. The shaft inside the compartment is 30.6 inches and on 40 degree height, these measurement was chosen based on our calculation and analysis to allow 95% average of human can drive the Drag car. Moreover, the team had to purchase a new coupler that is 25 splines and a rag joint adapter that fits the original manual steering box.



Ready to GO Racing

Let's go racing

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First Test at Muscle Car Museum

First 1/8 mile Run Click here to see the video with sound

Daytona Beach Fundraising


Northrop Grumman Engineering Showcase