Florida Center for Automotive Research

Florida Center for Automotive Research


Drag Car


The drag car is designed to be used as a reliable test bed for different engine modifications  and future upgrades. This year's team will be installing a data acquisition system as well as some minor engine modifications that will make the car a strong performer at the drag strip, and provide crucial information about the car's status. Exhaust gas temperatures,  Air Fuel  Ratios, Coolant temperature, Oil temperature and pressure, and acceleration will all be monitored


For this week, the steering column and the seat mount right now are the main problems, both need to be adjusted so that everyone in the team can fit into the car while still following drag racing rule regulations. New steering column was needed to be purchased instead of modifying the existing one. The team will come up with five different columns to choose from and present them as solutions. The next step would be to contact these individual companies and ask for full or partial sponsorships for the parts desired to minimize the cost as much as possible.



Ready to GO Racing

Let's go racing

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First Test at Muscle Car Museum

First 1/8 mile Run Click here to see the video with sound