Florida Center for Automotive ResearchFCAR

Capabilities & Quotes

FCAR offers a variety of Independent 3rd Party Performance and Validation Tests, along with services regarding the research and development of new products. FCAR provides individualized solutions for each project. A selection of our services and capabilities is shown below. For quotes and more information, please contact FCAR at fcar@fit.edu to discuss your individual needs.

  • Development of testing procedures for various applications
  • On-road performance testing based on engine-telemetry and customized setups
    • Compliance with industrial standards:
      • TMC/SAE Fuel Consumption Test Procedure J-1321
      • ASME Internal Combustion Engines Performance Test Code PTC-17 standard
  •  Dynamometer
    •  DYNOmite Pro 2000 Dynamometer
    •  Portable rolling docking station (load limit 2000 lb)
    •  2000+ hp
    •  Siamese-rotor 13” toroid water-brake absorber
    •  Driveshaft load-cell
    •  Torque transducer load cell range: 0 to 2,000 ft-lbs at better than 0.02% of fullscale accuracy
    •  56 channel data acquisition system
  •  Emissions Bench
    •  E Instrument Portable Industrial Flue Gas & Emissions Analyzer E8500
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