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Chouinard Research Group

Welcome to the Chouinard Research Group at Florida Tech!


Research in this group involves ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS), a powerful technique that provides two separate dimensions of chemical separations information for improving confidence in identification and quantitation in metabolomics, lipidomics, and proteomics. Our projects range from instrument development to biological/clinical applications to fundamental studies of gas-phase chemistry and structure. 


New Pre-Print available on ChemRxiv: Native Ubiquitin Structural Changes Resulting from Complexation with β-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA)

Students Katie Wilson, Aurora Burkus-Matesevac, and Sam Maddox have  published a new ChemRxiv pre-print, Native Ubiquitin Structural Changes Resulting from Complexation with β-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA). The paper shows the effects on ubiquitin native structure when exposed to the cyanobacterial neurotoxin B-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA.)


New Paper Published: Improved Identification of Isomeric Steroids using the Paterno-Buchi Reaction with Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry

Students Sam Maddox, Stine Olsen, Diana Velosa, and Aurora Burkus-Matesevac have published the group's newest paper, Improved Identification of Isomeric Steroids Using the Paternò-Büchi Reaction with Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry, in the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. The paper details a novel use of the Paterno-Buchi reaction for resolving WADA-banned performancing-enhancing anabolic steroids.


Chouinard Group with four Presentations at ASMS 2020 Conference Online!

Students Kristie Baker, Stine Olsen, and Katie Wilson will each be presenting posters and Professor Chouinard will be doing an oral presentation. Check out the ASMS Reboot Conference!

Three More Chouinard Group Graduates!

This past Friday, May 9th, three more students from the Chouinard Research Group graduated from Florida Tech.  Kristie Baker, one of the founding members of the Chouinard Group, completed her B.S Chemistry degree and will be headed to Ohio State University to pursue a Ph.D. in the Fall. Melanie Matos completed her B.S. Chemical Engineering degree and Andrew Link compleed his B.S. Astrophysics degree. Both will also be pursuing graduate studies in the Fall. Congratulations and we can't wait to see what great things you will do next!

Pictured: Kristie Baker (B.S. Chemistry, 2020) and Melanie Matos (B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2020)


Kristie Baker Awarded 2020 ASMS Undergraduate Student Award

Kristie Baker was recently awarded the 2020 ASMS Undergraduate Student Award! She was selected from a large field of applicants and will be awarded with registration and travel support for the 2020 ASMS Annual Conference in Houston, TX in June.  Kristie will be presenting her research on "Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry and Ozone-Induced Cleavage of Endocyclic C=C Bonds to Separate Isomeric Prostaglandins" and will be entered into the undergraduate poster competition to be held on Sunday, May 31. Congratulations Kristie!


JASMS Cover Article

Our recent article published in JASMS is featured on the cover. You can read it here.


Ad Astra: Protecting the Playing Field

Our group's research on using ozonolysis and ion mobility-mass spectrometry to identify illegal anabolic steroids was recently highlighted in an Ad Astra article titled "Protecting the Playing Field".


Check out our new JASMS paper: Ozone-Induced Cleavage of Endocyclic C=C DOuble Bonds Within Steroid Epimers Produced Unique Gas-Phase Conformations

Our new paper by Sam Maddox et al. is now published in JASMS. You can read it here. The paper demonstrates the first application of ozone-induced cleavage of endocyclic C═C double bonds for improved steroid isomer separation using ion mobility-mass spectrometry.