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Chouinard Research Group

Welcome to the Chouinard Research Group at Florida Tech!


Research in this group involves ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS), a powerful technique that provides two separate dimensions of chemical separations information for improving confidence in identification and quantitation in metabolomics, lipidomics, and proteomics. Our projects range from instrument development to biological/clinical applications to fundamental studies of gas-phase chemistry and structure. 


Check out our new JASMS paper: Ozone-Induced Cleavage of Endocyclic C=C DOuble Bonds Within Steroid Epimers Produced Unique Gas-Phase Conformations

Our new paper by Sam Maddox et al. is now published in JASMS. You can read it here. The paper demonstrates the first application of ozone-induced cleavage of endocyclic C═C double bonds for improved steroid isomer separation using ion mobility-mass spectrometry.



Congratulations to Sam Maddox, our newest FIT Grad!

Group member Sam Maddox graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Biomedical Science and minors in Chemistry and Psychology. He will continue as a Research Assistant in the Chouinard Group during the Spring Semester, after which time he will be attending Nova Southeastern in Tampa, FL to pursue his advanced degree as an Anesthesiology Assistant. Congrats Sam!! 


Welcome to our New Students!

The Chouinard Group welcomes new students Aurora Burkus-Matesevac (Ph.D. Student), Diana Velosa (Ph.D. Student), Melanie Matos (Undergraduate Student), and Andrew Link (Undergraduate Student) to the group! Aurora will be working on projects in environmental chemistry and proteomics, Diana will be working on gas-phase chemistry and anti-doping/performance-enhancing steroids, Melanie will be helping with our newly funded PCC project, and Andrew will be working on analysis of microplastics in the environment. Looking forward to more great science!



Chouinard Group Receives PCC Grant Funding!

The Chouinard Group has received a grant award from the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) Research Collaborative to study "Rapid Isomeric Differentiation using Ozone-Induced Dissociation Methods"! Chouinard Group Receives PCC Funding


Chouinard Group Attends ASMS 2019

The 67th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics was held on June 2-6 in Atlanta, Ga. Prof. Chouinard attended and presented the group's recent work on "Improving Structure Elucidation in Metabolomics Analyses with Ion Mobility and Multiple Fragmentation Methods". Prof. Chouinard also presented during an Agilent VIP Session and at their annual IM User Meeting. A great week of science, and also an opportunity to meet up with old colleagues! ASMS 2020 will be held in Houston, TX.


Chouinard Group Attends ACS FAME 2019 

The 95th Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition (FAME) conference was held on May 9-11 at the Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor. Prof. Chouinard attended and presented the group's recent work on "Ion Mobility-Mass Sprectrometry and Ozone-Based Approaches for Comprehensive Metabolomics and Lipidomics", and also chaired one of the Analytical Division oral sessions. Almost all of the oral presentations focused on mass spectrometry and associated techniques, demonstrating the great MS work taking place here in Florida. Already looking forward to FAME 2020! 


Chouinard Group Attends ACS National Meeting 

The ACS National Meeting was held in Orlando from March 31-April 4, and the Chouinard group had quite a presence! Kristie, Robbie, and Sam presented a poster on their lipidomics work and Prof. Chouinard presented talks during the Ion Mobility symposium and Advances in Mass Spectrometry sessions. Can't wait for the next conference!

The students present their poster "Ion mobility-mass spectrometry and ozone-induced dissociation (OzID) methods for improved lipidomics analysis" during the Analytical Poster Session. Pictured (L-R): Robert Fraser-Caris, Kristie Baker, Prof. Chouinard, Sam Maddox

Robbie and Kristie got to meet Meg-A-Mole and Professor Mole!


Delivery of Agilent 6560 IM-QTOF

The Chouinard Group's new Agilent 6560 Ion Mobility QTOF instrument is now installed and ready for experiments!