Formula SAE

  • Scope: Create a Digital Twin model of the FP2019 vehicle using array of Siemens software tools. The digital twin model will be used to guide the design and analysis of the next Florida Tech SAE vehicle.
  • Current Status: Faculty advisor, graduate student, and 22-student team fully engaged in the project; design analysis underway.
  • Anticipated Outcomes:
    • Demonstrate formal process to identify candidate parts for advanced manufacturing based on relevant performance metrics
    • Integrate and test Digital Twin Model with the manufactured vehicle
    • Share design guidelines/principles for using Digital Twin practices to other vehicles and systems beyond FSAE car.
    • Develop a Center of Excellence to showcase the use of Siemens tools in the Formula SAE projects

Verification of Additive Manufacturing Parts

The ability to compare the scan of a part to its original CAD model is an important step in quality assurance, and it is especially important in AM. This project will make use of advance 3D scanning equipment available at Florida Tech’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID) to develop a verification process for AM parts.


  1. Manufacture parts using various AM methods, and manually verify accuracy of 3D printed part with model.
  2. 3D Scan the manufactured parts and use software verification tools to verify the part
  3. Use the verification data to model the AM processes

Anticipated Outcomes

  1. A method for verification of AM parts with the models
  2. Development of a model of the Additive Manufacturing processes.