Virtual Integrated Technology Application Lab (VITAL)

VITAL utilizes state-of-the-art virtual reality software and hardware to immerse individuals into the product design and production environment. This lab includes

  • High Precision 3D Scanners
  • Virtual and Mixed Reality Systems
  • Motion Capture and Simulation
  • Interactive Ideation and Collaboration Systems

Equipment in VITAL

Palm Bay Room

Palm Bay Room

The Palm Bay Room will be the central hub of VITAL. This space will serve as the command and control hub of the VITAL lab. The Palm Bay Room will include

  • Interactive Touch Screen Displays
    • 86” Dell Interactive Touch
  • High Powered Computing for VR and AR
    • Alienware Aurora R8
    • Dell Precision 5820
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Headsets
    • HTC Vive Pro
    • Samsung Odyssey
    • Oclulus Quest
  • 3D scanners
    • Artec Space Spider
      • Tethered - 0.05 mm accuracy
    • Artec Leo
      • Wireless – 0.1mm accuracy

Motion Capture and Holographics Room


This room is the home to a hologram table from Euclideon Holographics as well as a motion capture system like the one in Motion Capture and Simulation Room.

  • The Hologram Table can display digital models of cities or buildings
  • Users can pick up objects and move them around, or prepare holographic presentations to convey ideas.
  • The holograms it projects can project up to 60cm high or appear to sink a meter into the Table.

Motion Capture and Simulation Room

VITAL includes a state-of-the-art motion capture system from Optitrack. This system has

  • 20 grayscale cameras
  • 1 Full color camera for overlay
  • Sub millimeter accuracy
  • Multiple applications ranging from biomechanics to animation

Projects Space

Room for projects

The equipment includes but not limited to:

1. PLYMOVENT Mobile Fume Extractor

The PLYMOVENT MFD ULTRA is a mobile welding fume extractor which uses disposable filters. This mobile fume extractor comes with the UltraFlex-4 extraction arm and is robustly designed to effectively remove hazardous welding and grinding fumes. The UltraFlex-4 is a top of the line extraction arm and comes with a built-in work lamp and automatic start/stop sensor. This combination offers welders and fabricators an extremely effective, flexible and user friendly solution to capture fumes. The MFD fume extractor comes with a filter replacement indicator, simplifying service and maintenance. The MFD ULTRA is optimal for small welding and fabrication shops, plant maintenance, schools and general fabrication and production facilities demanding a mobile fume extractor that can protect their personnel from hazardous fumes in multiple locations.



2. SDS1202 Digital storage oscilloscope

  • Bandwidth: 200MHz
  • 2-Channel
  • Sample rate: 1GS/s
  • Rise time: ≤1.7ns
  • Input impedance: 1MΩ ± 2%, in parallel with 20pF±5pF
  • Ultra-thin body
  • 7 inch high resolution LCD
  • USB communication
  • SCPI, and LabVIEW supported
  • Dimensions: 301 x 152 x 70 mm



3. Two production basics workbenches with soldering tools

4. Essential tool sets

SIEMENS Digital Engineering Bay

Additional Engineering Space

The equipment in this space includes but not limited to:

Gantry crane - 1 ton

The Telescoping Gantry Crane by Titan Attachments has what your shop needs for all lifting and loading tasks. The adjustable boom raises and lowers, to accommodate low ceilings or roofs. In addition, the four locking casters make moving and transporting easy, and provide a sturdy base when lifting. 

Heavy duty jack - 3 ton

This heavy duty 3 Ton car jack gets vehicles almost two feet off the ground. Extra-low profile reaches under most show cars. Dual piston Rapid Pump technology lifts most workloads in just 3-1/2 pumps.

  • Super-tough precision welded construction with an industrial grade finish
  • Industrial quality for professional mechanics and hardcore automotive enthusiasts
  • Rapid Pump® exclusive dual parallel pump system lifts with far fewer pumps
  • Universal joint release provides precise load control in any handle position
  • Extra-wide steel casters for stability
  • Low profile for easy placement under custom vehicles

Chain block - 4000 lbs. capacity 

  • Manual hand lift chain block hoist features a 2 ton (4,000 lbs.) load capacity and is fitted with a mechanical load brake that allows for precise operation
  • 1/4" diameter chains are constructed from premium 20Mn2 alloy steel with a black oxide finish for added resistance from corrosion and grime; Load-sharing gears makes lifting heavy loads easy
  • Equipped with (2) heavy-duty steel hooks with a safety latch clasp that rotate a full 360-degrees without twisting and bending; Rotating components are mounted on roller ball bearings to reduce friction and increase efficiency
  • Ideal for industrial settings and job applications such as factories, construction sites, garages, workshops, warehouses, farms, docks, wharves, and mines
  • Meets ASME B30.16 overhead hoist safety standards to ensure safety; 

Air compressor - 33 Gal., 165psi

Four high powered workstations

TV - 65 inch

Heavy duty tool sets

Aerospace Simulation

Aerospace Simulators

This space includes several flight simulators:

  • AST A320 flight simulator
  • AST 747 flight simulator

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printers at CAMID

This space provides different types of 3D printers for training and manufacturing:

  • Two DeltaMaker 3D printers
  • Stratasys Eden 260VS 3D printer
  • Markforged Mark X7 Industrial 3D printer

Large Format Print Center

54inch printers

This space includes large printing equipment:

1. HP Latex 54inch printer

  • Print speed: 517 ft²/hr - Billboard (2 pass); 174 ft²/hr - Outdoor Plus (6 pass); 129 ft²/hr - Indoor Quality (8 pass); 108 ft²/hr - Indoor High Quality (10 pass); 65 ft²/hr - Backlits, Textiles, and Canvas (16 pass); 54 ft²/hr - High Saturation Textiles (20 pass)
  • Print quality color (best): up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

2. HP Latex 54inch cutter

  • Maximu cut width: 135 cm (53.1 in)
  • Maximum acceleration: up to 3G
  • Maximum cut speed: up to 113 cm/sec (44in/sec) diagonal
  • Accuracy: 0.2% of movement or 0.25mm, (0.01 in) whichever is greater
  • Cut force: 0 to 400 grams of downforce, in 5-gram steps
  • Cut thickness: 0.05 to 0.25 mm (0.002 to 0.01 in); 0.8mm (0.03 in) with optional sandblast blade