CAMID is a 100,000-square-foot Florida Tech facility that will create a manufacturing and design ecosystem that will allow U.S. manufacturers of all sizes to understand and profit from the latest approaches to manufacturing in order to be globally competitive. This unique ecosystem will consist of the following to support a wide variety of U.S. manufacturers:

  • The latest digital modeling, simulation and visualization technologies
  • Cutting-edge computer-driven manufacturing equipment, including a substantial emphasis on additive methods, such as 3-D metal and other material printing, circuit board printing and crystal growth
  • Expert resources such as industry-oriented professors and industry experts in a wide variety of engineering, systems engineering, materials research and advanced manufacturing
  • A student population that will engage with manufacturers in both learning practical manufacturing and bringing the new digital technologies that they have been educated on to traditional manufacturers
  • A constant offering of education and training to the manufacturing community on the latest engineering and manufacturing digitalbased technologies
  • A “Hoteling” model that enables project-oriented on-site virtual development to physical manufacturing process
  • Applied laboratory rooms where the manufacturing community can obtain hands-on experience with the latest digital development and manufacturing software and hardware
  • Constant applied research to discover and exploit the advances in modeling from micro material properties to macro vehicle assembly methods, simulations of product testing and performance, simulations of manufacturing methods such as additive and 3-D printing
  • A virtual computing and communications infrastructure that will allow these resources to not only be used locally, but nationally