Advancing Technology-interaction & Learning in Aviation Systems

Projects and Collaborations

NextGen Human Factors Considerations for Integrating Information on the Flight Deck

The ATLAS Lab is currently funded by the FAA to examine Human Factors considerations associated with integrating information from multiple sources on the flight deck. As new technology, such as Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications, becomes available on the flight deck, pilots have the opportunity to access, and make decisions based on, greater amounts of data from a range of different sources. Through theoretical and empirical study, this effort is examining what information is being utilized on the flight deck, how this information is being integrated, and the implications for pilot decision making. The project includes review of the relevant literature and safety/accident reports, survey and interview of pilots across general aviation and air transport domains, and conduct of a simulation study with commercial airline pilots to examine their response to different flight deck display configurations.



NGAUGE Noninvasive Gauge to Assess and Utilize Goal-oriented Engagement

The ATLAS lab is also currently funded by the Air Force Research Lab to design and empirically evaluate training and assessment tools and techniques to increase learner engagement for UAS training and aviation maintenance training.  The modern education environment is tasked with overcoming one of the most pervasive competitors for student attention, the mobile phone.  However, mobile technology’s ubiquity has also shifted how students learn and how pedagogy can take place. This research is leveraging the state of the training science, in hand with mobile and advanced sensor technology, to develop tools and techniques to enhance learning experiences across classroom, simulation and live training environments.   Efforts include identifying physiological measures which can quantify learner engagement in real time, as well as identifying mobile-technology-based interventions which can increase engagement before, during and after learning activities to improve learning effectiveness. The resulting model, measures and interventions will be empirically evaluated in both UAS and aircraft maintenance training testbeds.  The ATLAS Lab is teaming with Design Interactive, Inc. on this research effort (