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National Climate Assessment.

A comprehensive U.S. review. 2014.


  Highly valuable summary of many adaptation tools.

Adaptation Tool Kit:  Sea-level Rise & Coastal Land Use. GCC. 2011.



  Protecting Florida's Communities. DCA. 2005.  Little known and exceptional.



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Coastal Climate Change: Adaptation Planning & Implementation

Searchable archives on local through international coastal climate planning since 2009.

  • Over 1600 reports/articles are in 15 directories and >80 subdirectories above. 

  • The directory on Climate Communications has >80 pdfs on applied adaptation messaging and underlying behavioral components.

  • Planning guidelines in >10 languages available

  • Articles and reports are welcome in any language (below).

Substantial amounts of new information relevant to sea level rise along the U.S. east and Gulf coasts are being developed by activities supported by the NOAA Climate Program Office. For example the CPO grant, Advanced Regional and Decadal Predictions of Coastal Inundation for the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, has produced important research products accessible at Rutgers Sea Level and Climate.  


Other Adaptation Planning Resources - Southeast U.S., National U.S., and Global  

-  Wide arrays of related resources are also available at the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange, Ecosystem-based Management Tools Network, Georgetown University's Adaptation Clearinghouse,, NOAA's Digital Coasts, Storm Smart Coasts, and other resources. 

-  Valuable new webinars as well as archives of climate planning information can also be found at these sites:  Local Governments for Sustainability - ICLEI, southeast U.S. webinar archives;  Center for Climate Strategies; Southern Alliance for Clean Energy at







We thank many colleagues who have contributed files from diverse regions.  If you have documents on coastal climate adaptation to contribute, please forward to  Use of copyrighted material is restricted to nonprofit educational purposes only and is not intended for commercial use.  If the owner of any work should wish a document to be removed, please contact