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ICCM provides answers to the stress-provoking questions companies face when working internationally. Negotiating a contract in Brazil? Unsure of your change management roll out in China? We provide customized research and solutions that focus on your unique business operations, not just info found in a travel guide. You strive to have the necessary information to make quality decisions at home, so why accept more risk when working with international partners? Our Third Eye  development process provides scientific precision, real-world experience, and freedom from stress. Contact us at to discuss our customized solutions and learn more about our workshops.


Cross Cultural Competence

Learning Objectives:

• Understand the role culture exerts on building successful global business relationships.

• Increase your organization’s effectiveness with global customers, suppliers, and partners.

• Increase your ability to “leverage” cultural differences.

• Build a culturally competent global talent pipeline.

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Global Leadership

Learning Objectives:

• Gain self-awareness of your global leadership competencies.

• Understand cultural expectations and adapt your leadership style.

• Effectively lead your international team and build intercultural business relationships.

• Benefit from practice, feedback, and coaching.

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