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Cross-Cultural Competence Grant FY'11 (Primary PI: William Gabrenya)Cross-Cultural Competence Grant FY'11 (Primary PI: William Gabrenya)

The U.S. Department of Defense recognized the importance of improving its military and civilian staff’s competence in novel cultural contexts soon after it commences its nation-building efforts in Iraq. Culture-related problems experienced in the Middle East have exacerbated the problems faced by U.S. missions in the region. The DoD set out to enhance the cross-cultural competence (3C) of all of its services, across most ranks, by funding university-based and commercial research projects and establishing centers of culture research and training. One such center is the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), located at Patrick Air Force Base, Brevard County, Florida. DEOMI awarded a grant to study cross-cultural competence in 2010 to the Institute for Cross-Cultural Management (ICCM) of the Florida Tech School of Psychology. Drs. William Gabrenya, Rich Griffith, and John Deaton are principal investigators on the grant.

The DEOMI 3C grant includes a theoretical examination of the literature on 3C models, measurement, and training, and empirical research on measurement. We hope to advance our understanding of the concept of 3C and its relationships to other psychological phenomena such as personality and emotion. Measurement of 3C is critical, especially in an organization such as the military in which training and skill assessment are paramount. We are reviewing the many and varied methods for measuring 3C and developing some new methods that are suitable for use in large organizations. In some of our research, we are studying the culture competence and cultural adjustment of international students at Florida Tech. One goal of the DoD’s considerable efforts in improving 3C is to develop new training programs using existing or new training methods. In our research, we hope to identify the most promising existing methods and suggest directions for the development of training programs in the future.


Collaborating in Developing of an Integrity Measure

In 2011, the Institute was contracted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health to develop an integrity measure that would be used to screen professional level employees. The project is directed by Dr. Anita Rintala-Rasmus, who recently completed a Fulbright assignment with the Institute. The measure is currently being piloted with a sample from the United States. One the pilot phase is complete the measure will be translated into Finnish and validated on a local sample.


Cultural Database Grant FY'12 (Primary PI: Richard Griffith) Cultural Database Grant FY'12 (Primary PI: Richard Griffith)

This year the Institute received a $50,000 grant from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) to support the development of their cross cultural competence training. DEOMI develops computer-based training that exposes military trainees to cross-cultural situations, and asks them how they would respond in those circumstances. The research ICCM will conduct will ensure the scenarios are culturally accurate. The grant will fund the development of a database of cultural subject matter experts who will help develop scenarios that will be used in situational training developed for the Department of Defense. In addition the grant will fund a study examining the effectiveness of cultural diversity training on important individual and team level organizational outcomes.


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