In early July of 2006 this effort to honor the legacy of Professor Ferdinand Freudenstein, the Father of Modern Kinematics, was begun. The focus here is upon generating a doctoral descendant tree for Prof. Freudenstein. We continue to seek out and receive input from around the globe to periodically update and expand the "Freudenstein Doctoral Tree". We are always seeking your assistance in identifying the names (with their major professor's name, university, year of graduation, and current employer) of each and every PhD descended from Prof. Freudenstein.

The Tree was first displayed at the 30th Annual ASME International Mechanisms and Robotics Conference in Philadelphia September 11-13, 2006. On September 13th, at the Columbia University Remembrance of Prof. Freudenstein, the initial hardcopy of the Tree was presented to the the Freudenstein family. At that time the Tree contained 5 generations of PhD's and more than 500 names.Today the Tree contains more than 650 names and 7 generations of PhD's descended from Prof. Freudenstein.

We request your assistance to obtain the name, major professor's name, university, year of graduation, and current employer of all doctoral students descended from Prof. Freudenstein. Please email me any and all information you may have regarding persons that should be on the Tree. Your assistance here is critical and very much appreciated. If you are listed on the Tree then any and all PhD graduates you have should be too so please send in the requested information for all of your PhD graduates!

Here is a link to Bernie Roth's memorial to Prof. Freudentsein and the text from Prof. Freudenstein's last presentation at a conference.

Here is a link to the Freudenstein Distinguished Lecture Series at Columbia University.

This drawing of Prof. Freudenstein by Subhankar Biswas appeared in the August 2010 issue of Resonance. This issue contains several articles discussing Prof. Freudenstein, one by Bernie Roth. A biography of Prof. Freudenstein, also written by Bernie Roth, appears in the book Distinguished Figures in Mechanism and Machine Science, edited by Marco Ceccarelli and published by Springer in 2007 (ISBN: 978-1-4020-6365-7).