Migrant Mother

Migrant Mother
FSA Photograph by Dorthea Lange, 1936

The National Chronic Fatigue Survey

The Fatigue Management Institute recently conducted a nationwide survey of what it's like to experience chronic fatigue.  The purpose of the survey is to develop a better understanding of fatigue in chronic medical conditions and to improve treatments and techniques for managing fatigue.  
Our findings will be presented at professional meetings and in medical journals only as group data, and no specific individual information will be published. Preliminary data from the Survey is being prepared for dissemination in Fall 2011.

About The Fatigue Management Institute  

The Fatigue Management Institute is an outgrowth of the fatigue-related research and clinical programs developed in the School of Psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology.  The Institute serves as the focal point for integrating emerging research findings with techniques for day-to-day management of fatigue.   The Institute conducts research on fatigue and fatigue management interventions, provides fatigue management training, and disseminates summaries of national and international research findings related to fatigue and its management in chronic medical conditions.