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FIP Sessions, APS Meeting, April 2006, Dallas

Session C4: Public and Private Funding for International Research

Sponsoring Unit: FIP
Chair: Arthur Bienenstock, Stanford University

Crossing Borders to Advance the Frontier: NSF's Role in International Outreach
Arden Bement

Forging Partnership: CRDF in the FSU and the World
Tom Owens

(Pdf or PowerPoint)

The Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation
Wolfgang Schleich

(Pdf or PowerPoint)

Session L6: Scholars at Risk

Sponsoring Unit: FIP
Chair: Andrew Sessler, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Academic Solidarity: Scholars at Risk and the Defense of Academic Freedom
Robert Quinn

Sakharov and the Grey Zone: Difficult Areas of Human Rights Activity
Yuri Orlov

Scholars at Risk: A Case Study
Hadi Hadizadeh

Scholars at Risk

Andrew M. Sessler

(Pdf or PowerPoint)


Session E4: Science and Development: Innovation Systems for Fighting Poverty

Sponsoring Units: FIP FPS

Chair: Albrecht Wagner, DESY

Innovation and the Wealth of Nations

Irving A. Lerch

(Pdf or PowerPoint)

UNESCO’s Activity in Engineering, Science, and Technology for Poverty Reduction

Tony Marjoram


High Energy Physics: Networks and Grids for Global e-Science, and the Digital Divide

Harvey B. Newman

NSF and Development

Thomas Weber

(Pdf or PowerPoint)


FIP Sessions, APS Meeting, March 2006, Baltimore

Physics in Brazil

Carlos H. Debrito Cruz, Scientific Director, Fapesp


Scientists in Developing Countries:

is there an effective way to support meaningful research?
Zora Ben Lakhdar, University el Manar, Tunis, Tunisia

(Pdf or PowerPoint)

Physics in Congo and in Central Africa's Universities:

Problems, Needs, Hopes, and Solutions

Bernard M'Passi-Mabiala, Marien NGouabi University, Congo Brazzaville



Presentations to the APS Council

Physics makes the world go round, 2005

Prof. Walter Davidson

President of The Canadian Association of Physicists

(Pdf or PowerPoint)

Student Visions for Physics in the XXI Century

Prof. Hector O M Sanchez

President of the Mexican Physical Society


Physics makes the world go round, 2003

Prof. Bela Joos
President of The Canadian Association of Physicists