Center of Ferrate Excellence (COFe)

In recent years, the higher oxidation states of iron (Ferrates) have become of interest because they can safely and efficiently clean polluted water without harmful byproducts.  The ferrate compound may be used as an oxidant, disinfectant, coagulant, and industrial “green” purposes. Ferrate has thus become advantageous over other commonly used chemicals in the wastewater industry.  Applications of ferrate include treatment of common pollutants and emerging contaminants such as arsenic, estrogens, and pharmaceuticals.  The ferrate compound has also attracted interest for applications in “green chemistry” because the byproducts of its use, iron oxides, are environmentally friendly.


Recently, the technology developed at Florida Tech has made a break-through in synthesizing liquid ferrate, which is stable for at least two weeks, unlike competing products.  This liquid product will open new opportunities for novel applications of ferrate.  The intellectual property on the ferrate technology is being developed for licensing to bring it to the market place.  

In addition to the advancement of ferrate technology at the Center of Ferrate Excellence, there are other missions:

  1. Enhance the teaching and research environment at Florida Tech by involving undergraduate and graduate students at the Center. 
  2. Establish an international peer-to-peer consortium for researchers interested in ferrate studies. 
  3. Establish a data base for ferrate research papers.
  4. Establish a lecture series.
  5. Provide consultation on testing of ferrate feasibility for prospective applications.
  6. To be a single resource for understanding the potentials and realities of investments in this new “green” chemistry by governments and private agencies.